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If you are new notary or a new signing agent, you may be at a loss of how to get work. Signing agent companies say they prefer people with experience, but if no one will hire you how do you get experience? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

It can be frustrating delving into this business, but let us help you. How to get noticed for your first signing:

Build a Resume

Like any other job, you should have a resume to show why you have the necessary skills to be successful.

To be a successful signing agent you must be organized, time sensitive, have good customer service skills and be flexible. Demonstrate these skills on your resume. Meld your past positions to fit this one; how did your past job hone the skills you need for this one? Only list your previous jobs as they are relevant.

Find a Mentor

As with any job, there are tricks to the trade that you learn over time. A mentor will pass on their knowledge, and guide you into becoming a better notary. A mentor can help you know which companies you can get a foot in the door with, and will have advice on how to market yourself.


By getting your name out there, you will be more likely to find work. Create a website or social media profiles, update your notary profiles on company sites.

Fill in those notary online profiles. Look at our Advertising Your Notary Business for tips on getting your name out there.


Once, you get that first signing you want to leave the company feeling confident in you and your abilities and have them call you back for a second assignment. Therefore, you need to ensure your education is up-to-date. Know the ins and outs of loan signings. You want to leave a favorable impression with the borrower, the title company and your signing agent company.